Facebook Messenger: Instant conversations from your website

How soon do you expect a response after messaging someone? In today’s world we’ve grown accustomed to instant gratification and demand an immediate response when communicating with friends, family and even brands. Businesses that are built on the ability to reach out and respond to clients within a short space of time are sure to come out ahead of their competitors. If your business currently doesn’t offer this, it’s easy to start doing so today. You simply need to set up Facebook Messenger, so you can instantly communicate with potential customers.

Why Facebook Messenger?

Most people today find making a phone call to a business or brand rather annoying. They could be placed on hold, be diverted to the wrong person or find that the person they need is out of office. Sending a message is far easier, saving them time, money and effort. Most often when a person is interested in a product or service they’ll search for a list of possible suitable providers on a search engine and message a few of them from their website. The first one that responds is likely to be the one they end up going with.

Does Facebook Messenger Work?

If you’re wondering why Facebook Messenger is a preferred way of reaching customers and being reachable by them, consider the fact that by its currently used by 1.2 billion users, with this number climbing. If you aren’t reachable on Facebook Messenger you’re missing out on these users. There’s plenty of more global statistics from Facebook IQ (their consumer and advertising insights team) but these ones are worth noting if you’re still unconvinced.

  1. 56 % of people prefer to message rather than call a business (We have touched on this already, so this is more proof).
  2. 53% of people are likely to shop with a business they can message.

How do I get connected with Facebook Messenger? Not sure how to get started? This is where Upd8MySite comes in. We’ll create a link for Facebook Messenger that customers can access directly from your website and we’ll take you through the entire process of customising it for your brand. You might be eligible for getting it installed for free, contact us today to find out more!

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