About Us

We are Blackbelts on and off the Dojo Mats!

We understand what is needed from your potential students, the existing students and the parents, as we are also parents and students ourselves, having achieved Blackbelts and, as parents watching our children also receive blackbelts through their current Dojo.

We make sites functional and attractive for your Martial Arts business!

We are a team of trained website developers and graphic designers with individually, over 20 years in the industry. Creating websites, logos, car and business signage, advertising videos together with a focus on sales marketing, we build or enhance your existing brand and give it a modern day boost. Now - In combination with Digital Harmony, we also offer social media management.

Stop paying a never-ending monthly fee for a site you’ll never own

Are you finding yourself stuck with a website that looks the same, or out of date, compared to your competitors? We bring you customised, pay-by-the-month websites, that you own after 12 months, backed by a team of professionals who can help you get the most out of your business site.

Developing sites worldwide

We have gained a reputation as a worldwide website design business, with a focus on service. Covering the United States of America, to the United Kingdom to Australia, our designs travel and are utilized on some of the largest schools and quickest growing schools around.