Yes. Unlike some other services - you will own your site after you have paid off your agreed amount. This is typically a 12 month period. After this period, the website is yours to do what you wish with. You can keep it on our server being hosted for an annual fee, or move it to another server of your liking.

Once the website has been created, we have a video training session showing you all the inner workings of the system. We also have a website for our customers where you can also get video training on the features of your website. We are also available via email and further phone/video training is available via request.

Like any online service, at times, your website will need updates perfomed. These can be due to security or enhancements being made available. During the first 12 months, these updates are performed automatically for you. After the 12 month period, you can continue to get these updates performed via our monthly maintenance program or on a cost per update request.

Yes. The website is yours to add as many pages, menus, pictures etc that you like. If you let us know at the start of the design process we can add the customizations from the start.

Should you wish to expand your site with our add-ons at a later date, after the standard 12 month maintenance period, we can perform these additions for an agreed cost.

On top of the existing site structure, we have extra paid add-ons available. These can be added at any point, but most people add these after their 12 month period. These include but are not limited to:
- An ecommerce shop
- An event management system
- A funnel page/landing page system
- Video Adverts
- Video Gallery
- Members Area